©JackyRedgate Light Throw (Mirrors)#4 2010-11

Congratulations to Jacky Redgate for winning the William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize. Jackys winning image was printed by sandyprints on traditional photographic paper

sandyprints offers comprehensive hand-printing and digital photographic services combined with a personal service that offers artists and other clients control over the production of their artwork, no matter how complex the requirements.

Sandy, the owner and operator, has extensive colour and black and white hand printing experience and the facilities to offer mural size prints, from any size negative or transparency, as well as the latest technology for digital services including high res scanning, printing and presentation.

As well as having an intimate knowledge of photographic papers, their archival properties and the most appropriate mounting or framing solution, Sandy can ensure a seamless job from initial printing through to exhibition, including packing for local or international shipping.

(Trent Parke)